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About Us

Our Story

In early 2015, just a dream then, came the first conception of “Cote Fleurs” the brainchild of two childhood friends with a deep affection of freshly cut flowers. The element of surprise and emotional captivation that flowers capture and a longing to fulfill this dream inspired them to journey into the florist business.

About Us

Côté Fleurs is a concept flower shop with an intimate “florist next door” feel. Inspired by our love of fresh flowers and the sense of joy, warmth, and positivity a beautiful set of flowers can evoke. It is our intention to create a space that cultivates these positive emotions through the exquisite beauty of flowers.

Our Brand

The breathtaking French countryside and the endless flower fields that surround it has been a key inspiration in building our brand. Our space hopes to give you a glimpse into a lush, lavish garden on the outskirts of the French countryside. That inspiration also came in naming our brand: “Cote Fleurs” a French phrase which translates to “the flower corner” or “the flower side”. It has also been subtly adopted into our logo, artistic vision and brand identity. 

Our Style

Bespoke flower arrangements with a sense of wildness and rustic charm that are polished to your desire. We love a natural romantic look that encapsulates a dreamy, unstructured feel.  Our whimsical approach to floral arrangements triggers a sense of fun and stimulates your senses just as nature intended it to.

Our Distinction

We directly source our exclusive and exotic flowers from selected farms around the world (Ecuador, Kenya, and Netherlands Etc.) to ensure the uniqueness and freshness of our compositions. This allows us to offer you a varied selection of flower types throughout the seasons.

Our Team

Our diverse and skilled team of ‘fleuristes’ are trained to instill the timeless French touch in our compositions. They take pleasure in creating memorable arrangements that bring color, freshness, and brightness to your life, with great attention to detail and a whimsical approach. We regard floral arrangements as a means of artistic expression and craft each arrangement with creativity and passion.

Our Offerings

  • Flower arrangements

  • Flowers arrangements for social events (floral decor, floral centerpieces, bridal bouquets)

  • Corporate flower services (offices, hotels, retail shops, restaurants and many other businesses)

  • Gift-wrapping

  • Indoor Plants

  • Delivery service